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If you're a beginner in corset-making, this is the place to start. You'll learn basic sewing techniques, how to take measurements, how to alter corset patterns and much more.

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Opaque corsets.

A basic technique that you should start with if you want to learn how to sew a proper corset! It lays the foundation for your future progress.

6 courses | 86 video tutorials


Transparent corsets.

Single-layer corsets made with this technique are light and comfortable. This is the most popular method for sewing wedding corsets.

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Wedding dresses.

Become a bridal gown master designer and create Haute Couture dresses. Learn various sewing techniques with our library of video tutorials.

12 courses | 363 video tutorials


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Welcome, dear colleague!

My name is Tatiana Kozorovitsky, I am the founder of the Corset Academy - an online learning company offering video courses for the professional designing of corsets and wedding dresses.

Corset garments are my true passion. I have been creating corsets for over 25 years and I’m an official instructor of wedding gowns sewing courses on

My unique sewing methods have already helped thousands of my students to master the skills, to realize their creative potential and to achieve financial self-sufficiency! They are living their dream of doing what they love!

My mission is to give everyone who desires to become Haute Couture designer and dressmaker an opportunity to learn and develop professional skills.

Welcome to the Corset Academy and enjoy your learning!

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Usually people who make corsets never share their secrets! But you reveal the whole corset making technique step-by-step commenting every single detail!
Lesya Vilinovska,
Czech Republic
Corset Academy tutorials are the best I've seen so far!
Jacqueline Sherrod,
North Carolina, U.S.
Tatiana puts forward some alternative methods of sewing wedding gowns, where a plastic skeleton is more effective than a steel one. And the technique for stitching the hem of the cups is the most precious of all.
Anastasiya Wenzel,
Dipl. Design-Ingenieur Mode, Germany

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