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"I'm very proud of the new valued professional outcome of my work"

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Abigail Atawodi


"I have been sewing for about 5 years

I found Corset Academy online it looked refreshingly interesting and I knew I wanted to try it. I'm glad I finally did; it has helped me improve on my techniques in more professional ways.

I started Corset Academy at a time when my skills needed an upgrade. I was exposed to a lot of new and interesting techniques I had no idea about. In all I'm really glad i did it. 

I'm very proud of the new valued professional outcome of my work.

Thank you, Tatiana!"

Check out Abigail's Instagram account - @blackflairc

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Abbigail says:

Stunning, playful photography and gorgeous outfits...models delightful
Just wonderful

Eli says:

Dear Abigail,

I am so happy to see your look they are really beautiful outfits. I love sewing now the problem l have is putting lining, sleeves and collars. Please advise me

Gideon Abigail says:

This is great Abigail. Please, I will like to connect with you personally for mentorship.
Am a seamstress based in Jos, plateau state, Nigeria. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

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