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"At one moment I realized: if I'm not going to make some changes, my dream will never come true"


Ivetta Palant



My name is Ivetta Palant and I'm the owner of the Bridal Salon in Israel (ivetta-studio.co.il).

I loved sewing, embroidering and creating since I was a little girl, and making bridal gowns always has been my dream! I remember how I've watched with bated breath on brides.

I grew up and finished various sewing and design courses. But after moving to Israel, I had "to survive" and I went working in high-tech, where I've been working over 20 years. I continued sewing, though, mostly by BurdaStyle.

At one moment I realized: if I'm not going to make some changes, my dream will never come true.

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So I graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. It was great, it pushed me forward, but, unfortunately, didn't give me the knowledge I was looking for. I wanted to learn how to make corsets, but it seemed like something incomprehensible. Then I came across Corset Academy website. I was fascinated! Then I noticed that Tatiana lives in Israel too and I immediately called her on the phone. I was expecting an official/indifferent voice, but Tatiana was very pleasant and open! First I ordered just one eBook, I didn't want to pay much, in case I wouldn't be interested in it.

I was surprised by how great the tutorials were! The information turned my views of the corset upside down! Apparently making corset is so easy! Everything Tatiana tells in her video courses (later I purchased and watched all of them) is so detailed, heartfelt on the own experience, sewn and worked out. But the most important, that there is nothing excess, everything is systematized into effective step-by-step program.




Soon I began working with clients, with no problems what so ever. I can't say, I wasn't scared… but with each successful project I was convinced that the method works!

Today I run my Bridal Salon. And with the basic corset making knowledge from Tatiana, I'm confident to create all kinds of new and different styles. But I wouldn't be possible without my teacher – Tatiana Kozorovitsky! Thank you!


Check out Ivetta's Instagram account - @ivettastudio







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Thanks for sharing your story and your wedding gowns are just amazing!! I too am finding Tatiana's tutorials so helpful as they are so detailed and great if you already sew professionally but want to take your design to the next level. She shares the knowledge and experience she has aquired over many years,which I am so grateful for! Thanks Ivetta for your inspiring photos!

Mina Shobeiri says:

Thanks for sharing your story .Your wedding gowns are amazing specially that beautiful blue wedding dress. I am looking for the pattern of skirt of this dress,and I don,t know how can I make that .

Kim young says:

Thank you for sharing your experiences.... I am new to this all as I have Only Been working in Couture Lingerie. I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life with Tatianas and wonderful academy. Hope I can post something magical as yourself. Congratulations on your success. Xx

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