How to Sew a Cocktail Dress. New Free Course

Hello, dear dressmakers!

I want to share with you my newest course "How to sew a cocktail dress".

This course is great beginners in corset making and for those who want to learn the basic techniques of pattern adjustment.

In this course you will learn how to alter the sewing pattern and to adjust it to any body type. You will be able to create a custom made cocktail or evening dress.

And, of course, the drapery decoration of the garment.

This course is absolutely FREE!

Start learning now and don't forget to share it to your friends!

sewing cocktail dress

Corset Dress with Sleeves and Hidden Lacing

The spring is finally here and I can't be more happy!
Finally my newest course is added to the library and I thank you for your patience!
It was worth waiting - I proudly present my newest course:
Corset Dress this Sleeves and Hidden Lacing
As promised, this PREMIUM course will be available for every Corset Academy member until June 15, 2016!! (both for Standard and Premium members).
So start learning and creating today! This course covers the most wanted topics: making custom sleeves and attaching the to the top, hidden lacing and altering pattern for gentle tightening. The model suits perfect for young women and for elder ladies as well!


FREE TUTORIAL: Types of Open-Back Dresses

My new FREE tutorial is absolute MUST SEE for everyone who plans on sewing an open-back dress!
I give detailed classification of the types of open-back dresses and explain HOW THEY FIT DIFFERENT BODY TYPES.
You will know, what type of dress to recommend to your clients for a perfect fit!

open back2

How to make corset with sleeves?

Hello friends and colleagues!

Today, after some time, I want to share with you my another tutorial about all peculiarities of sewing sleeve corsets.
In order to make more detailed tutorial I recorded two videos.
Let me know what you think and ask questions in a comment section bellow this post.
By the way, there is a new wonderful narrator in our team. So now I have a new "voice" in English :)
So, enjoy your learning! I believe this will be very useful!
(and, as usual, there is a transcript under the videos)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Click "Read more" to see the transcripts.


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