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Chapter 1. The professional sewing business.

Professional Sewing Business. Sew Live Love

by Tatiana Kozorovitsky

1-1. Foreword.

I have been active in the sewing business for over 30 years and I started almost after graduation from the University at the end of 1980s.

My business path was very long and difficult and I want to share it with you in detail in this course. I had ups and downs, although today I have achieved quite impressive results in both material and moral terms. Certainly, I have not yet achieved all my goals and I keep on learning and working hard to move forward.  Keep moving forward!

The worst thing for me is to stop developing! I incredibly enjoy what I do and I live my job!

Every second letter from my students has questions somehow related to starting a business.

Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month (source: Forbes)

It is obvious that such a pleasant number makes people start their own business.

Nonetheless, there is the statistics, which is less exciting and less known: only half businesses are successful by the fifth year in business (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Employment Dynamics). The statistics is scary, isn’t it? And the best scenario for this situation is when the unlucky businessmen have lost their savings only and they have not borrowed money from the banks.

After such statistics you might have a reasonable question: Why does one need this course?  

Here is my answer: my 30 years of experience in doing business in Russia and Israel, and please note that these are not the most favorable countries for doing business, made me write this course, because I really want you to be in 50% of successful businessmen.

My course does not declare: Quit your job and start your business!

I try to reveal all advantages and disadvantages of sewing business, so that you could decide for yourself if this business is right for you.

I want you to think whether it is worth changing a well-paid job just to post a proud message in a social network about your new status of a business lady. Besides, I really doubt that many people running their own business earn more, work less or are happier than you are!

Recently one idea popped up to my mind: if we sew fancy clothes, we need to live Fancy!   

Just think about this expression – to live fancy! It contains so much, from material to spiritual, joy of work and life, happiness and love!

That is why the second name of my course is Sew! Live! Love!

Please carefully read my recommendations and if you feel and see the business is your cup of tea, just go for it!

Besides, I would like to apologize for some harshness in my statements about false views on the business, which are still present in minds of some people!

I did it intentionally, so that you could give it a second thought if you have the slightest doubt! In case you have already decided to go for it, you will be well-informed and avoid all mistakes, which a newcomer makes. Such mistakes are discussed a lot in this course.

Please remember: the business is a very serious matter and you cannot move forward with mistakes and careless attitude! The business is the enormous responsibility and it is not only about your family, but also about the families of your employees!  You should also remember about the responsibility to your customers.

Nowadays plenty of information about the business and the sewing business in particular is available on the internet. Much information is really interesting and useful, although much information is disputable, false and harmful. I have reviewed tons of information while working on the course and I used the pieces, which I considered to be important and useful. All data and information are in the public domain, so I have not violated any copyrights.

I think one more additional point is very important.

I believe that my course should not be limited to the wedding industry only.

The sewing business is not only bridal salons, ateliers or studios, but also retail stores of wedding clothes, everyday clothes, menswear and children’s clothes, as well as regular ateliers for sewing and altering and sewing workshops for mass production. If you cannot compete in the wedding dress making, for instance, in your city or region, why don’t you try as an owner of a ready-made clothing store or a sewing workshop?

Therefore, I considered in detail the various sewing business types with the business plan examples and the potential profit of the projects for both the big cities and the small towns.  

Whose, who have decided to start their own business and to devote the life to the sewing business, will go hand in hand with me a very long way, from working from your home to starting the own salon, the shop, the atelier and the workshop. I start with the legal ownership, tell you about the required documents to set up your company, introduce the main types of taxation and demonstrate the advantages and the disadvantages with specific examples.

It seems to me that in this course I managed to provide answers to the majority of questions you are interested in.

At the beginning of the course I provide quite a bit of theory, so that you can understand the fundamental terms of the modern business.

One more point. As I have already mentioned, in this course I review the profitability rates using particular examples for various types of the sewing enterprises, thus there are a lot of tables and calculations, which are hard to listen to.

Therefore, this course is made as a combination of an audiobook and a book in the PDF format. In the audiobook you can listen to the main topics of the course, while the whole course with recommendations and calculations is available in the text format. It will be much easier to comprehend the information this way!

Before the start of the course I would like to talk to you about why the people want to become entrepreneurs, the reasons to start a business, the cases when you’d better abstain from the idea of your business and stay within your comfort zone.


1-2. Why people want to become entrepreneurs.

Why do people want to become entrepreneurs?  The economists determine the main factors, which lead to the decision to start own business.

These factors can be divided into three groups: social, psychological and external. None of them should be disregarded.

The first group is social. It turned out there were directors and business owners among the close acquaintances of the majority of the interviewed entrepreneurs.

The second group includes the individual characteristics of the entrepreneurs. The personality traits of the entrepreneurs are significantly different from the traits of the non-entrepreneurs. They have completely different system of values. As a rule, the entrepreneurs are more optimistic and have more serious attitude to their work. However, the main distinguishing difference is not even that. In comparison with the other people the entrepreneurs are more competitive. Many of them consider the business to be a kind of sport. And in any sport the main goal is to score the points. Usually they consider the money as the points. Such person will not stop doing business even he makes it rain!

The third group of factors is connected with the business climate in the region.

Another interesting conclusion of the research is that in average the entrepreneurs are much happier. It does not mean that the entrepreneurship makes happy. The point is likely to be different. The people who tend to be unhappy will never become the entrepreneurs or turn out to be the unsuccessful ones!

I think it is hard to argue about this conclusion! How can one complain about the life they create? You have achieved your goals, you are happy and live “fancy”, but I would like to emphasize there are always hard work and sleepless nights behind!

Therefore, each entrepreneur has their own reasons to start a business. However, most of them agree that it is so cool to be the entrepreneur!

There are some more reasons, which prove that doing business is a fascinating thing!  

  1. You control your life.You manage everything and you take the decisions, which may lead to success or bankruptcy. No one will tell you what to do.
  2. You receive a power, which cannot be found elsewhere. Nothing can get you such an adrenaline rush as the goal achievement and understanding how much work it has involved.
  3. You are a role model. You will be looked up to as the entrepreneur. You can become the role model for your family, friends, employees or community members. Your success will motivate and encourage.
  4. You will never be bored. You will never be idle. Most likely, your to-do list will be extensive. Every day you will encounter new tasks and opportunities, so that you will always be busy.
  5. There is no age limit.
  6. Pleasure to introduce yourself as a business owner. It is very pleasant to say something like “it is my company” and simultaneously to turn up your nose. The business requires constant labor, so these words are so much pleasure to say.
  1. You do not have anyone to shift the blame on. If something is wrong, you as the entrepreneur cannot point at someone and declare him guilty. Your best motivation is to know that all your everyday decisions influence your business.
  1. You do not feel underestimated. Should you have any ideas to improve your business, you can implement them straight away. You do not have to wait till someone superior will find time to listen to your ideas.
  2. You get what you invested. If you want to work more than the other people, you will get more in the end. Do you want to see more growth and opportunities? Simply work harder.
  3. Be healthy. The flexible schedule gives the opportunity to go in for sports.
  4. You do not have to watch the clock nervously. How often do people on a regular five-day working week check the time? It is essential for the entrepreneur to have effective time management. Your working day is over when you have taken care of everything.
  5. It will be one of the greatest challenges in your life. The management of the company during its growth can become the serious challenge. Although, owing to obstacles on your way to success you will have such experience, which cannot be obtained elsewhere.
  6. You create the legacy. The opportunity to get the successful brand to the point when you can leave your own legacy seems attractive and motivates many entrepreneurs.
  7. You can make people happy.
  8. You will not reach the growth ceiling. Some positions have the growth limit, above which you cannot go. There is no growth ceiling for the entrepreneur!
  9. It is pleasant to feel appreciated. It is such a pleasure to receive letters or phone calls from people who let you know how your business has influenced them.
  10. You are constantly learning. You will constantly learn lessons (some will be pricey). This is the invaluable education, which you will not get in any school!  
  11. There is no fear to be fired or become redundant. The enterprises often reduce and lay off the staff. You can feel extremely stressed about it. This is not an issue for the entrepreneurs!
  12. Experiencing personal growth. It is pleasant to look back and realize how much you have grown. The growth and the success of the enterprise depend directly on the personal growth of the entrepreneur.
  13. You start to resist. You will be knocked down. However, you will learn how to bite the bullet and continue your path. You will become stronger as the person and the entrepreneur.
  14. It will let you dream about something bigger. If you are the entrepreneur, no idea seems too crazy and no goal seems too big. Think as big as you can!


1-3. Comfort zone. Should you step out?


In our life we always face the situations, when you need to change something or do something unusual and new, but the fear of the unknown prevents us from the action.

For instance, you have decided to start your own business. The inner voice starts convincing you that everything is not so bad now and who knows whether it will be better when you change your life.

Within the internal borders we feel safe just because we know everything and everything is so familiar. These borders force us to keep the obsolete relationships, the unsatisfying job and even the usual way of thinking.  

These borders form our inner comfort zone.

The comfort zone is the area of living space, which gives the feeling of comfort and security. As a rule, the comfort zone is determined with the standard behavioral pattern, which you are accustomed to. It is the settled world, where everything is so predictable and stable.

The comfort zone is often associated with a house and a cozy apartment, which you do not want to leave. There is no risk and stress and all processes are monotonous and predictable and there is no progress.

In simple words, it is the condition when you feel at ease.  

What is bad about comfort and security? Nothing, except obstacles for the development and learning new things!

Any undertaking is going beyond the comfort zone.

There is the risk zone outside of the comfort zone. You need to step out of your comfort zone to the risk zone as it is the necessary condition for the personality development.

If you have decided to change something in your life, for example, to quit your job as an employee and start your own business, you will have to step out of your settled comfort zone or at least, to enlarge its borders.

How can one understand that they are stuck in the comfort zone?

You can understand it by your reaction to any unfamiliar situation, which you encounter or even think about it.

The first reaction to the thought about your own business is likely to be fear! Fear is the destructive feeling and the indicator that someone does not want to leave their comfort zone.   

The most important condition to step out of the comfort zone is the understanding that you are stuck there. Without admitting it, you cannot go beyond the comfort zone. For instance, you need to honestly admit that your routine and well- paid job is not satisfactory any longer and you want to do something completely different, but you are afraid of any changes and you do nothing to change your life.

That is why it is important to understand that your comfort zone has quite definite borders. If you have decided to expand the borders or even step out of them, you need to start acting!

There are some recommendations, which can help you to think through and take the decision on your comfort zone expansion:

- accept your imperfection. Be yourself with no desire to look flawless in the eyes of the others.

- face your fear. Write down your fears and think about the ways to overcome them.

- free your mind from the fear of the unknown. The comfort zone makes you accustomed to the predictable results, although quite often you miss the new opportunities. Imagine that the unfamiliar situation will result in new interesting events and stop being afraid of the unknown!

- look for the people with interests different from yours. The expansion of the comfort zone can be influenced by the people, who are engaged in something new and opposite, for example the business.

- dream of success. Visualization of your success motivates to the action and brings the great results. Make plans and choose targets, while dreaming.

If you have thought over and decided to start your business, step out of your comfort zone, act and make your dream come true!

The progress in life is impossible without going beyond your comfort zone! No drastic changes in personal and professional life are possible without it! Certainly, stress and risk are going to be your companions, but the unexpected result will neutralize their action.

If we did not do any steps towards the changes, we would never graduate from the school, enter the University, start our first job and so on, and we had stresses and risks along this way.

Do you really think that the today successful businessmen were not afraid to start their business? Read their biographies and you will find out that they have been as scared as you are now! They also made mistakes! But, finally, their perseverance, persistence and hard work led them to their goal!  

As I have said, the purpose of my course is not to make you step out of your comfort zone, but analyze the pros and cons, make you think over and take the correct decision. This should be only your decision!

So, I would like to ask you a question: Do you really need to step out of your comfort zone?

After all, your problem cannot be always solved with the drastic changes in life. The common sense shows that often you do not have to climb the mountain on your way if you can bypass it. Get a better understanding of this matter, look for other possible solutions. You do not have to simplify your life and stop developing, but you do not have to do something pointless either. You have been building your comfort zone for many years step by step, that’s why it is so difficult to leave it and it is quite possible, that it is not always necessary to do.

I also would like to recommend: before taking the final decision, read carefully this course.   Believe me, I do not claim to have absolute truth, but everything in this course is proved not only by my 30 years of business experience, but by other entrepreneurs. In future almost everything covered in this course will be handy. And now when you are at the beginning of your path and you think whether to start your own business, you can find some information strange and absolutely unacceptable, although later you will be convinced I am right.

Study this course and take the right decision!

I, Tatiana Kozorovitsky, sincerely believe in your success!

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