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As sad as it is, it is time to say goodbye, my dear fellow dressmaker.

We have studied the first volume of our new edition of “Dressmaker’s Treasury” together.

It is not the end though. After some time, you and I will meet again to study all fine points of working with patterns of corsets with multi-part sew-in cups, skirts, petticoats, different types of dresses, etc.

A lot of useful information and handy tips await you in the following volumes of “Dressmaker’s Treasury.”

You have received various tables, patterns, and guidelines together with this book. I recommend you print them all out, put them in folders, and I really hope they will become your desk companion.

Remember to look through them and use them in your further work!

Enjoy your work, be creative, and improve your income!

Thank you for staying with us! Until the next time!

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