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Equipment for making corsets and wedding dresses

Let's go over the necessary equipment for successful dressmaking.

First things first - the essentials:

Sewing machine (home or industrial)  

It's preferable to use an industrial lockstich machine. We recommend the JUKI brand. But you can use any household sewing machine as well. If you don't have an expensive industrial machine at your disposal, it is absolutely unnecessary to buy one from a start.


Buy from your local provider

Hi-steam press-iron with Teflon plate

Or a budget-friendly option:


Dress form (mannequin) 

Professional dress form with collapsible shoulders is preferable, we recommend the "PGM Dress Form" brand. But it is not necessary. Any simple foam dress form will work, especially if you are at the beginning of your journey and looking for a budget-friendly options.

Buy from your local provider

Medium size scissors

Make sure to buy a good pair of scissors. This is crucial, invest in a good one and you will never regret it!

We recommend the KAI brand, made in Japan.

Sleeve pressing board

Rigilene Boning: 8mm  (0.3") wide and 12mm (0.5") wide

Plastic Boning

Porcelynne underwire

For making cups and bustier.

Iron-on fusible materials (batiste) 

Disappearing ink marker pen

Gutermann Textile Glue

Simple white duck tape

Masking tape 1.5cm (0.6") wide



Padding Polyester

Silk Cord (for measurements)

Cup pressing moulds (tailoring board for "bust" pressing)

Factory or self made DIY

You should have several moulds like this in different sizes.

You can easily make it yourself DIY:

Take foam spheres of varying diameters and cut them in halves. You can also use plastic spheres. Cover the half-spheres with layers of iron-on batiste. That's it, you have your own custom pressing forms.

Pear-shaped mould for pressing side seams and small rounded details 

Factory or self made DIY

You can easily make it yourself DIY by covering bowling pin with multiple layers of iron-on batiste.

Grommet machine


Professional pyrography toolkit

​Illusion mesh

White voile for sewing wedding skirts







Rotary Cutter 28MM


Rotary Fabric Cutter 45mm


Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat