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How to Rip off the Boning

How to Rip off the Bone.

In this video I am going to teach you how to rip off a bone that has been sewn-in incorrectly.

So, for example you have decided that you’ve sewn this bone in incorrectly. Don’t stress yourself by undoing small threads, it’s enough to take the scissors, cut a little and - look here- the bone is coming out itself. It’s best to perform this on the surface but basically you can do as you wish.

I wouldn't recommend you to tear the bone off; it does need to be carefully ripped off. I can’t recommend tearing it off because there would be way too much pulling-up on the fabric and the bone would get ripped off completely this way. I’m removing the threads and steam-pressing a little more.

The rest is now a matter of technique, the bone is gone. Any sewn-in straight bone can be ripped off in this manner. You simply use the same method I have just shown. As a result you can always re-sew a bone onto a different spot if you have accidentally eased in or stretched out and would like to correct the mistake.

You were learning with Tatiana Kozorovitsky

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