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How to Sew Steampunk Under-Bust Leather Corset

Hello, sewing enthusiasts!
The new and long anticipated course is finally here:
You will learn the new techniques first time introduced in Corset Academy
such as working with real leather material, metal accessories, busk, leather decoration, sewing actual under-bust corset and much more!
This course was made with collaboration with Irina Mikhailova, a highly skilled professional dressmaker specialized in leather corset garments.
Thank you, Irina, for sharing your secrets with us!
Enjoy your learning and create beautiful things!
Become an expert!
Steampunk corset


  • Featuring the professional sewing techniques of high quality real leather corsets.
  • Detailed review of different leather types and their qualities.
  • The differences in working with leather from working with fabrics.
  • Working with metal accessories in corset making.
  • Working with special equipment for leather.
  • Specialties of fitting the leather garment.

Skills you gain:

  • Sewing the corset from the real leather material.
  • Cutting the leather.
  • Working with metal flat boning, spiral boning and metal busk.
  • Decorating the leather garment.
  • Duplicating the leather with iron-on batiste.
  • Calculation and alteration of the pattern for leather under-bust corset.

Where to use:

  • Sewing corsets and other garments from real leather.
  • Making steampunk, gothic and other styles corsets.

Author: Irina Mikhailova

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