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"I became the only seamstress in the area who could offer such garments..."


Victoria Faivre

Besançon, France

Victoria repatriated to France, and that was a hard time for her. Thanks to her talent and strong will she succeed as fashion designer in the, as may seems, the most competitive place - France. Her first big brake through was on fashion show Defile in 2012. 

"For all I have now I have to thank Corset Academy" - Victoria tells us in her video review.

defile 2012

"I was looking for corsets for inspiration on the net and came across Tatiana's courses. I started learning and immediately understood how easy and doable making corsets is. I began selling corsets and corset based garments and very soon I realized, that I was the only seamstress in the area, who could offer such garments!"

One year after I started practicing Corset Academy sewing techniques, I opened my own shop in the city of Besançon!

I make mostly corsets, but evening and wedding dresses as well.

This is my workshop, it might be hard to believe, but I use the simple sewing machine (non-professional). It works perfect for me.

corset making workshop

This is the first corset I made after Corset Academy's technique. It's the most popular model. After a fitting I usually take the order. Clients change the color, decoration or skirt, but the style, the basis, remains.


This open-back dress is very popular among young women. Fits perfectly to the bust. I made it in 2 days.


Also I have clean corsets, that I offer to my clients for fitting. They are ready for decoration and my clients choose the design, the colors, skirt or trousers. It takes me 1 day to make a corset like this.


Tatiana, thank you so much for your help and all this priceless knowledge that you share!"







Julianne says:

This story inspired me! Congratulations on your success :)

Kiante prince says:

Hi, my name is Kiante and I have recently had a look at your website. I’m pleased to say I’d like to work with your brand.You have given me a great insight and I am interested in getting some professional advice and samples made for my upcoming brand.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks 

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