"I feel really proud as I can make clothes like wedding dress to a very high standard"


Aishath Shahidha Ahmed


I have been sewing for 25 years. It’s like a hobby and mostly stitching for family and friends. Although I’ve few customers as well.

I was searching for a sewing pattern and some sewing instructions for my sister’s wedding dress, I came across some free videos of Corset Academy in YouTube and I got very interested and I registered in Corset Academy Website.

I feel really proud as I can make clothes like wedding dress to a very high standard and I get lot of compliments from my family, friends and customers that the clothes I made are so fine and so neatly done and most of them don’t prefer any other dressmakers over me.

I started stitching when I was 12. Both my mom and dad stitches. I learned how to cut the clothes and stitch by watching how they do it. Both my parents can cut regular clothes without using sewing pattern and so do I. We just mark the measurement on cloth materials and cut it just to the measurements. After several years of sticking and I came across some free sewing pattern in internet and used some of them. As I develop my sewing skills I used more patterns and now I’m a premium member of Corset Academy and I’ve been using Corset Academy sewing patterns and instructions as well.














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Rasheedat says:

I love ur gown

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