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Steampunk Corset. Foreword.


We are beginning a new course on sewing real-leather corsets. This course was prepared by the Corset Academy in collaboration with Irina Mikhailova, a highly skilled professional dressmaker specialized in leather corset garments.

Made of natural materials, leather corsets possess some really special warmth and tenderness.

What new techniques will be introduced to you in this new course?

First of all, it will be absolutely irreplaceable for those who are interested in all aspects of working with metal accessories!  There is no difference in the process of choosing and installing metal accessories into fabric corsets and into leather corsets. Therefore, all related techniques explained in the book are applicable not only to leather garments.

Of course, you will need some additional tools for working with leather: special leathercraft roller and mallet and special-purpose adhesive. But these are really basic easy-to-find things, which you normally have at home anyway.

Technical differences between working with fabric and working with leather are explained in the book in great detail. They concern basting together leather pieces, pressing flat seams made on leather, working with linings and metal accessories, etc.

Why have we opted for underbust corsets and not overbust corsets in this course? The thing is overbust corsets are only made with steel boning. And if you follow this technique, it will be impossible to shape the cups properly. At the same time, flat cups will also flatten the chest. And we want to teach you how to sew beautiful and comfortable leather corsets that you will actually wear. It is the reason why we have chosen underbust corsets. Those of you who want to sew an overbust corset (i.e. a corset with cups) can simply combine various sewing techniques. For example, you can use the sewing technique explained in my other course – "Corset with Busk for a Teenage Girl."  In that course, you sew separately cut and assembled cups into the corset that can be made either with steel bones or with plastic bones alike. This way you can make a corset which can be laced very tightly, enhance body proportions radically, and shape the bust in a beautiful way.

I am absolutely certain that this course will teach you many useful things. It will help you expand the range of garments you can offer to your clients. I can also say it with full confidence that the corsets described in the book are very comfortable and nice to the touch – it's a pleasure to wear them!

Enjoy your learning!

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