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I welcome you to my workshop!


I want to show you how everything here is arranged

I hope my experience will bring you value!

I think, all of us face the same problem – a lack of space

And we try to make the most of every inch of our working area in order to make it more convenient and functional

In addition, you should be able to wrap it all up fast and to be ready for accepting a client. He or she should come into a nice and clean place and enjoy the fitting and your company

I want to show you how I turn my workshop into a working area and how, in just a few minutes, I'm wrapping  it all back and ready to welcome a client

As you probably noticed, all of my accessories, equipment and furniture are mobile, on small wheels

It all moves or folds

Even my writing board has wheels

That means my workshop can be arranged the way I want

I want to show you this wonder, which I purchased in IKEA and equipped for myself

There is a cork board for all kind of notes… The mirror you already saw…

And this is a kitchen handler with hooks where I hang this folder for all the rulers, boards, patterns

All the long, flat, non-standard things, which are hard to store, I keep in this folder

These crates are unbelievably convenient!

I keep here all the equipment for the ironing

And these crates I equipped for my own needs

Here I have bobbins… all kind of stuff… a working mess, what can I do?

All the scissors, markers, disappearing pens, pencils, luneville hooks, all kinds of sewing foots, glue – everything you can imagine I have concentrated in one place

These crates are extremely large

They contain a huge amount of any small things that you need to keep together and to know where to find them

That was the stand

Next I want to show you other chests of drawers, which are custom made for my workshop, because I don't have any space or corners where I could place a cupboard

Lots of drawers - lots of storage possibilities

So here I have threads and ribbons, each hue has a drawer

Here I have zippers

Here – bias tapes and the equipment for making them…

Of course, I already learned what I have in each box, but you can put labels

I consider these chests of drawers as the most spacious storage

Next, as you saw, I have this foldable table

Originally this was a picnic table

I covered it with a special material to protect it from our sewing instruments

Whatever falls on the table, it won't damage it

You can stick pins in it, which is also very convenient

Those of you, who joined my courses, noticed that I cover the table with an underlay and cotton fabrics, and this entire table becomes an ironing surface

You can place an additional ironing board if you like

From all the small stuff I want to brag about this little thing

I think every sewer must have one!

This is a great saver of our precious time!

Look – it's a thread cutter

Wherever you are, you'll always have a thread cutter with you

It happens a lot that we run around the workshop and cut threads here and there

This little thing cuts very close to the edge, very convenient

I recommend it!

In addition I want to show my hand made DIY accessories, which are pleasing the eye, and, at the same time, give the charm to the workshop

This case covers the sewing machine and hides it, say, from your client's sight

And this case for the iron, which I made from a simple shoes box

Very convenient – here I have the ironing fabric. Always here - now I don't need to search for it all over the place

And the iron fits in perfectly with its hose and wires

And, of course, we have big equipment, our fabric holdings and all kind of accessories

I found the solution in these cabinets

Behind this thatched curtain are:

Boxes with fabrics, various rolls of fabrics, patterns and boxes with mock-ups… and lots of stuff… all of our holdings

The cabinet is deep, about 80 cm. You can put a lot of things in there

And in the similar cabinet on the other side I keep my overlock

You may ask: where does Tatiana keep her overlock, stitching machine, household sewing machine?

It's all hidden inside those cabinets

Well, dear colleague, I'm very happy that you visited me!

And I feel that you and I became a little bit closer!

Sincerely yours, Tatiana Kozorovitsky

See you in the next videos!






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