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It’s great that you go through possible errors and explain how to fix them. Such skills and experience are PRICELESS!

- Svetlana Barkovskaya, Lithuania

I made my first corset-based wedding dress for my daughter on her wedding day. And now I make custom-made wedding dresses for my clients!

- Lidia Samorovsky, Kiev, Ukraine

Usually people who make corsets never share their secrets! But you reveal the whole corset making technique step-by-step commenting every single detail!

- Lesya Vilinovska, Czech Republic

It took me a month to make a wedding dress, but after your lessons I make it in a week, I'm getting faster every time! And the quality keeps improving! My customers are happy, and so am I!

- Melanie Garmich, New York, U.S.

Tatiana puts forward some alternative methods of sewing wedding gowns, where a plastic skeleton is more effective than a steel one. And the technique for stitching the hem of the cups is the most precious of all.

- Anastasiya Wenzel, Dipl. Design-Ingenieur Mode, Germany

I do individual tailoring for 20 years, but your technology significantly enriched my range of services! Thank you!

- Irina Rogusina, Finland

Corset Academy tutorials are the best I've seen so far!

- Jacqueline Sherrod, North Carolina, U.S.

Extremely professional, helpful and detailed! My expectations have been exceeded!

- Julia Nesterov, Germany

I’ve been searching for it in internet for a long time and you are the first expert, who shares this information!

- Ludmila Warnin, Russia

On wedding gowns exhibition in Paris, corsets I had made after your tutorials made the greatest impression!

- Victoria Faivre, France

First corset-based wedding dress that I've made following Tatiana's technique was perfect, and, naturally, I started receiving more and more orders. Today I'm a happy owner of a wedding salon and Corset Academy became my desk companion.

- Elena Ariamova, Russia

It was my childhood dream - to be able to make beautiful professional looking corsets! Thank you for this opportunity!

- Jean Labao, The Philippines