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  • “ABC of Corset-making” is the basic course for beginners.
  • We learn basic sewing actions, required for corset making.
  • We do not make finished products, only practice the technique.

Skills you gain:

  • Cutting fabric the right way;
  • Applying fusible interfacing;
  • Topstitching;
  • Sewing in the boning;
  • Lapped seam;
  • Curving the boning;
  • Ripping off the boning;
  • Types of seams and pressing.

Where to use:

  • These actions are used on a daily basis, in every corset based garment you make.


Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky

Total length: 35m 23s


In this video I am going to explain you, how to topstitch correctly.

Both pressed-open and pressed-flat seams can be topstitched, which means you can topstitch another seam at 1 mm distance.

That’s how it looks. The same thing can be done with a pressed-flat seam. This stitch also adds extra strength that can be very important for tailoring.

After making such a strengthening stitch we should normally trim the seam allowance. A special seam called “clean-finish-edge” is often used for finishing necklines.

It is made through the following simple actions: first we stitch it together - this part will be our welt or lining - then we re-stitch it, fold over and press. As I have already mentioned, the seam allowance is trimmed and we have a fold there.

You can see at what point the allowance was trimmed in the previous sample. Afterwards you should press it to reduce the thickness. This is the way to achieve a nice even piped-like edge and a clean front side.

You were learning with Tatiana Kozorovitsky.

There is a ZIP archive with corset sewing patterns in PDF format.

To print sewing patterns open the files, press “print” and choose “print in actual size”. Then connect the part the way it shown in “combination” file.

Free Corset Sewing Pattern
Bolero (Shrug) Sewing Pattern

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