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Dressmaker’s Treasury will equip you with a range of necessary tools and techniques which every professional must possess for successful work.

It will help you get more confident. You will know how to:

  • Choose the right strategy for making a garment after your first meeting with the client;
  • Take necessary measurements correctly and prepare and fill out an order form;
  • Choose the right basic pattern and adjust it after your client’s measurements with the help of automatic pattern adjustments calculation tables;
  • Avoid common mistakes which result in ill-fitting necklines by choosing the right sewing technique.


The course is useful both to beginner dressmakers, as well as experienced professionals.

Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky

Total length: 5h 16m

Tutorial 1. Foreword.

My dear fellow dressmakers! I am glad to welcome you to “Dressmaker’s Treasury.” I would even say it should be called “Dressmaker’s Treasury for Sewing Wedding and Evening Dresses.”

Why is it called “Dressmaker’s Treasury” in the first place?

It is because this course contains the most comprehensive scope of information which every dressmaker needs to know.

In most cases, 90% of success in the making of a garment depends on the right choice of cutting and sewing technique and strategy.

It is all about taking measurements correctly, choosing the right sewing pattern, adjusting it correctly with respect to your client’s individual measurements, and then cutting the garment correctly.

The rest is a matter of technique: you sew, you join pieces, you decorate and polish up the garment, and then you present it to the client and rejoice together with her!

All nasty flaws actually arise during the very first stages when you are just taking measurements, choosing and then customizing the pattern. This happens not only with beginners, but also with professionals!

Most mistakes are made during these early stages and then they become really hard and even impossible to fix!

When you start working on a garment you never made before, you often find yourself in a deadlock regardless of how experienced you are. This state is known as “the fear of the blank page.”

Any creative professional is familiar with the feeling: an artist looking at a blank canvas, a writer looking at a blank page, and then you and I looking at a white piece of fabric on our cutting table.

For this reason, one of the main aims of this course is to protect you from those dangerous early-stage mistakes as best we can and not let them stop you from creating a masterpiece!

Needless to say that the scope of information I want to share with you is very large!

In order to make things easier, I have divided the whole course into separate tutorials each of which is dedicated to one particular topic or problem.

Every tutorial has its own title according to the problem it concerns. This should help you find a solution to a particular issue faster and easier.

This book can become your best desk companion.

In addition, the book includes automatic pattern adjustments calculation tables which will help you adjust the size of any given pattern to your client’s measurements.

These tables will make your work go a lot faster and eliminate many possible mistakes.

The Corset Academy plans to produce several issues of “Dressmaker’s Treasury.”

In this course we will go through all questions related to non-see-through corsets since about 80% of all wedding and evening dresses are sewn based on them.

The upcoming issues of “Dressmaker’s Treasury” will be dedicated to skirts, simple and complicated.

After that, we will focus on one-piece dresses, as well as dresses made of a skirt and a bodice or a skirt and a top (made as a corset or as a plain lace top which may, for example, imitate bare skin).

In any case, non-see-through corsets remain the foundation of wedding fashion and so we shall start from them in this course.

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