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Garments you can make using this technology:


  • Detailed analysis of the open-back dress styles.
  • Recommendations and rules of choosing a right type of open-back garment.
  • Choosing the right base: corset, bodice or bodysuit. 
  • Choosing the right depth of the cut on the back.
  • Creating a garment with a bodice (corset) base.
  • Choosing the right shape of the straps.
  • Designing and constructing quilted cups.
  • For making this dress were used thin lace material and elastic transparent net.
  • Connecting bodice and the dress into one whole garment.

Skills you gain:

  • Modeling of the separately cut cup.
  • Modeling of the open backs.
  • Modeling of the straps with complex forms.
  • How to design and construct quilted cups.
  • How to alter  the pattern with separately cut cups for different body types.
  • How to sew in the separately cut cups using inner seam.
  • The techniques of attaching of the thing lace materials to the corset based dress.

Where to use:

  • The main agenda of this course is to deliver the technique of sewing open-back dresses with bodice base. This knowledge can be used in different combinations and gives you a wide range of opportunities for creating cocktail, evening, prom and wedding gowns.

Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky

Total length: 2h 26m

Preparing for the Cutting Process.

Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model.

We continue working with the technique used for sewing extraordinary garments: low-back evening or wedding gowns.

Below is a new dress model I have sketched for you.

The base of the dress features a low back neckline framed by lace insets. There are sewn-in cups at the front. The top of the dress is halter-neck both at the front and at the back.

I will explain all know-how during the sewing process: there are certain fine points that concern sewing in the cups, altering the pattern, joining the lace pieces with the base of the dress, etc.

This model is really trendy and sought-after today.

I'd like you to notice that this time I suggest making proper individually cut and sewn corset cups – the kind you make for see-through corsets. However you could also use ready-made foam cups if you wanted to. It’s a bodice-based dress with a boned front but you could use padding polyester at the top.

There are a number of materials suitable for such dresses – your choice is unlimited. The main fabric can be quite thick or rather thin and two-way stretch.

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Wedding Dress with Built-in Corset

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