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  • Detailed course on variety of sequins decoration techniques.

Where to use:

  • The skills you gain can be used in decoration evening dresses, wedding dresses, corsets, prom or cocktail dresses or even casual garments.

Author: Victoria Boyko

Total length: 42m


Tutorial 1. Types of Sequins.

A sequin is a small piece of shiny metal or plastic, usually shaped as a disk or a polygon, with a hole for thread. There can actually be several holes in a sequin. Sequins come in various colors.

They are classified into four main types: matte, hologram, pearl, and coated. Coated sequins look very similar to matte sequins but, whereas you can safely wash garments decorated with matte sequins, color coating applied only to the surface of a sequin tends to eventually wear out on frequently washed garments. Sequins are widely used on evening, wedding, cocktail, and casual dresses, as well as bags, shoes, dancewear, and many other clothing items. A skillful designer knows that these little flakes can complete the look of the garment and turn a boring dress into a fabulous masterpiece. Don't forget that less is more though. Sequins are a great decoration material if you have a good idea in mind.

Let's look at the classic sequin types.

These here are transparent sequins:

These are opaque sequins with an AB coating (applied over a colored base). The AB coating looks just as good on transparent sequins, too.

These are coated sequins. I don't recommend letting them into your washing machine.

These are matte sequins, which are perfect for casual wear. They are the best choice for everyday garments. They look more modest because they are less shiny.

You can also find sequins of various unusual shapes:

Such flower, butterfly, and leaf sequins are great for decorating children's clothes.

Here are some more possible options:

Hologram sequins:

What about the size?

The most frequently used size is 6mm but you can also use smaller types. All sizes are available with the same range of effects: transparent or opaque, hologram or iridescent, etc.

I will demonstrate different methods of sewing sequins on fabric, as well as other useful techniques for working with them.

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