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Tutorial 2. Cutting a Corset Mock-up.

Tutorial 2. Cutting a Corset Mock-up.

We need some simple cotton fabric for cutting out our mock-up. It can be either thin or dense – it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is it should be non-elastic and hold its shape well enough. I have laid out the patterns in advance. I have a piece of fabric left from the previous mock-up that I will now use for one of the back pieces.

Since there is a deep front cut in the middle of our corset, I shift the central front piece slightly instead of placing it right at the fold line. I outline the whole piece and I will later cut it up along the fold line, too.

I trace all pattern pieces one by one. Try to make the waistline horizontal, i.e. parallel either to the crosswise or to the lengthwise grain.

I suggest all those who are not that familiar with the pattern should assign a number to each piece. This will help you avoid confusion and mistakes when joining princess seams.

Now I am going to cut out all pattern pieces without pinning them together and then return to the final back piece. (Don’t forget to make notches). I outline and cut out the final back p iece.

So here are all the pieces we need for the mock-up. Now let’s join them.

As I sew the mock-up, I will check whether the pattern requires any adjustments or not. I will see if it all looks good or if we do need to correct something. The printable pattern that I provide you with is the final version.

By demonstrating the basic process of sewing a mock-up within the framework of this course I want to show you once and for all how it is done. I want you to see that despite being quite simple this process can answer many questions, such as “How do I measure a pattern?”; “How to check measurements on a pattern?”; and finally “How to alter a pattern?”. A mock-up can eliminate and answer a great number of questions!

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