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Garments you can make using this technology:


  • Sewing technique of a light cocktail dress;
  • Perfect for beginners and for advanced sewers.

Skills you gain:

  • Drafting and altering the sewing pattern;
  • Sewing custom made cocktail dress;
  • Decorating the dress with drapery.

Where to use:

  • The technique in this course is perfect for making not only cocktail and evening dresses, but wedding dresses as well;
  • If you are a beginner in corset making – this is the perfect course to begin with! Understanding this technique will open the world of professional dressmaking before you!

Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky

Total length: 3h 46m

Tutorial 20. Sewing Decorative Stripes onto the Back.

I secure the stripes on the dress by sewing them on. I have undone the zipper to make it easier. You should fold the corner of the seam allowance near the zipper so it doesn't show on the face of the dress.

This is what it looks like from the face:

I secure the stripes on the other half of the back the same way.

I fold the corner and make a bar tack.

And I zip it up. It looks great! 

I turn the back wrong side up and trim the messy edges. I secure the stripes with pins.

Compare the two halves of the back and make sure they are symmetric at the top.

The back of the dress looks very even and pretty.

Dress sewing patterns in PDF format.

To print the sewing patterns open the file, press “print” and choose “PRINT IN ACTUAL SIZE”. Then connect the part the way it is shown in the course.

Sewing pattern of the cocktail dress

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Wedding Dress with Built-in Corset

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