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Garments you can make using this technology:

In this course we will learn how to sew the most popular wedding dress design – classic dress with a full skirt and lace straps.

And we will learn how to make a perfect fitting dress to a client from a long distance, relying solely on the measurements.


  • Sewing a crinoline petticoat from A-Z.
  • How to make opaque a skirt made from thin tulle.
  • How to calculate skirt width so it will fit perfectly to the crinoline.
  • How to adjust the pattern for you client’s size.
  • How to draft a pattern for the shoulder straps (2 options)
  • Peculiarities of long distance sewing.
  • How to make a “virtual” fit test.
  • How to use a mannequin for fit test.
  • What to do, when a mannequin won’t fit your client’s size.

Where to use:

  • This technology is absolutely universal and has no limits in choosing and creating any style of wedding and evening dresses!

Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky

Total length: 11h 21m

Tutorial 3. Materials Required for Making a Petticoat.

Let us look at the fabrics I will sew with.

The main petticoat will be made of hard mesh fabric and I will sew tunnels for steel hoops and ruffles on it.

The ruffles will be made of plain tulle.

And the hem of the petticoat will be finished with soft Rigilene boning.

The bottom hoop has a circumference of 300cm. I will use 250cm in the calculations but the actual circumference has to be bigger because the hoop will be positioned at an angle. The overlapped ends will eliminate the excess.

Good quality hoops are coated with white enamel or rubber and their ends can be locked together with special tips. Don’t worry if your hoops don't have those special tips. You can always seal the ends with sticky tape or masking tape and use a plastic tube as a lock mechanism.

I will choose the most suitable hoops from the wide range I have in stock (and so should you).

The yoke will be made of either knit fabric or stretch satin or a wide elastic band. 

And now let us calculate the pattern of our to-be petticoat. 

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