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Garments you can make using this technology:


  • Featuring the professional sewing techniques of high quality real leather corsets.
  • 4 types of decoration for 4 different front pieces.
  • The sewing technique of the corset with changeable front part.
  • Working with metal accessories in corset making.
  • Working with special equipment for leather.
  • Specialties of fitting the leather garment.

Skills you gain:

  • Decorating the garment with 4 techniques: 2D applique, 3D applique, machine embroidery and rivets and snaps decoration.
  • Sewing the corset from the real leather material.
  • Cutting the leather.
  • Working with metal flat boning, spiral boning and metal busk.
  • Duplicating the leather with iron-on batiste.
  • Calculation and alteration of the pattern for leather under-bust corset.

Where to use:

  • Sewing corsets and other garments from real leather.
  • Making steampunk, gothic and other styles corsets.

Author: Irina Mikhailova

Total length: 4h 21m

Tutorial 3. Opening the Seam Allowances of the Face.

Joining the Face with the Lining.

I need to open the seam allowances of the corset and secure them with glue. I notch each seam allowance along its length, smear it with rubber-based adhesive, open it, and press it with a roller.

The first half of the corset is ready and I do the same with the second half.

Now I will assemble the two halves of the lining (each half is made of four pieces). I will use the same type of thread to make it stronger.

Both halves of the lining are ready.

I press open the seam allowances of the lining.

Next I sew a ceinture on the lining with two rows of parallel stitches, aligning the top end of the ribbon with the notch. Before sewing the ceinture in place, place your iron on a high temperature and steam setting and iron it. Some ceintures tend to shrink a lot, which may make the garment way too tight in the waist.

I do the same with the other half of the lining.

And I start joining the lining with the face of the corset. Let me remind you that I place the leather face of the corset 0.5cm from the edge of the lining.

I make a row of joining stitches 1.5cm from the edge of the lining.

I topstitch the seam.

And I make a row of joining stitches along the opposite side of the same half of the corset.

Again, I topstitch the seam.

And I repeat the same steps with the other half of the corset.

The lining is now sewn to the face of the corset.

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