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Garments you can make using this technology:


  • Advanced curves and decorative inserts.
  • Integral sleeves.
  • Rules of complex styling and shaping.
  • 2 fabric colors and 4 different material types used: chiffon, lace, stretch-satin and Armani fabric.
  • In this course we not only will alter the pattern but also will create an unique pattern for a complex dress for a particular client’s size.

Skills you gain:

  • Advanced pattern drafting.
  • The right order of combining different parts of the dress.
  • Sewing together curved reliefs of “difficult” materials (3 layers: basis, chiffon and lace).
  • The right boning placement for complex curved garment.
  • Fast chiffon train cutting method.
  • Quilting cup in the dress with straps.
  • Cutting thin yet very comfortable lace sleeve.
  • Calculation and alteration of the pattern for a particular client’s size.

Where to use:

  • Sewing wedding and evening dresses.

Author: Tatiana Kozorovitsky

Total length: 8h 48m

Wedding Dress with Shoulder Straps and Set-In Sleeves.

What to do if your client does not want her dress to have removable sleeves? In this case you will need to sew a dress with classic sew-in sleeves. If you have ever tried sewing sleeves into a corset garment, then you must know that the task implies certain challenges.

And sewing narrow sleeves into a corset dress is the biggest challenge. You cannot keep making the armscye of the dress smaller and smaller because at some point it will become uncomfortable. How to make the sleeves as narrow as possible then? I will show you a way out.

If you want to integrate the lace part at the top into the main body of the dress, you will also find all guidelines in this book.

I will teach you the rules of complex styling and shaping. As always, the book involves a basic pattern of a dress with an integral shoulder strap and a sleeve pattern. I will show you how to turn the basic pattern into a custom pattern with fancy princess seams, sew-in cups, and sew-in elements at the sides.

I will explain how to cut all fancy parts of the dress correctly and how to work with chiffon and delicate lace. In addition, I will teach you a fast way of cutting a train from two layers of chiffon and show you how to hem it. Without knowing the secret, you will spend a lot of time trying to join the two layers of "capricious" chiffon into a single piece and you won't be able to avoid distortion no matter how hard you try. But with my tricks it will take no longer than 30 minutes and your double-layer train will be perfectly even!

You will learn how to sew pieces of delicate lace set against a beige background and cups with a chiffon overlay into the dress without distortion.

I will also explain how and when to carry out fittings and how to adjust the fit of the dress when it is nearly finished and has already been decorated with appliqué elements.

In short, this course will equip you with lots of helpful know-how. I always try to use tricks that help you save up some time even when you are performing operations that require great accuracy.

The dress will be fastened by a blind zipper. Thanks to the shoulders, it sits very well without a heavy body control effect. You can always add a concealed lace-up area like on the first dress if you want to though.

I will show you how to sew corset cups for the dress with shoulder straps and explain the fine points behind sewing bones and pressing the garment. The technique used for the halter-neck dress is also applicable here, i.e. you can sew ready foam cups into the dress. As you can see, all sewing techniques explained in this book are interchangeable!

My goal is to teach you to create your own things and not just copy the described dresses by repeating after me! By carefully studying my tutorials, you will get hold of those seven notes to create your own music, your one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

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Wedding Dress with Built-in Corset

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